Knit Design 

We want to break down barriers and facilitate the approach to knitwear to all brands and designers. Developing each project individually, taking care of the identity of the brand, trends, briefing, and also keeping special attention to the technical feasibility according to the resources of each client. We design knit collections in different gauges and yarns for women, men, children and home textiles.


Technical specifications

Our goal is to change the dynamics of prototype development, and thereby reduce modifications, errors and times. Through the latest technology in knitwear design, we include all the information for the development, including the programming codes compatible with the manufacturing machinery. We make the technical sheets more efficient for communication with your suppliers.


Jacquards & Intarsias 

Facilitating the development of intarsias and jacquards for our clients is one of our star services. We transform your images into viable developments for reproduction in knitwear, compatible with the technology of the manufacturers, while we provide the different possibilities of knitting depending on each case individually and design developments from the inspiration of the client. We make the development of images in knitwear something easy and fast.


Swatches development

That our clients can offer garments with their own design is one of our main motivations. We make the developments inspired by the concept of the client, his identity, market and trends. We design knitted samples for women, men, children and homes for different gauges and yarns.